Tuttle Lab/Ulijn Members Travel to New York for Annual Megameeting

In June, Gary and Inês travelled to New York for the Annual Ulijn group Mega Meeting in addition to the CUNY ASRC Bio|Nano|Med Conference. Both Students made excellent 45 min presentations to the group showcasing their work based on the last 3 years of their PhDs.


It was an excellent week, full of a range of different studies based around peptide structures. Towards the end of the week, scientists from around the world came for the Bio|Nano|Med conference where discussions were heard about designing new biological systems for material and medical applications.


A range of different speakers including Duncan Graham (Strathclyde), Rui Reis (Minho) and David Kaplan (Tufts) were all in attendance to share their work. Overall, it was an excellent week full of science, collaboration and relaxation (especially the BBQ on the last night).


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