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Tuttlelab at the Peptide Self-Assembly 2023 Conference!

Hosted by the University of Machester between the 25th and 27th of July, several members of the Tuttlelab attended the Peptide Self-Assembly conference (PSA2023). With a focus on creating collaboration, the conference was attended by a host of researchers from all over the world. Tell gave a well received presentation which detailed recent advances in […]

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Alex’s Successful Defence!

Alex successfully defended his thesis on a cold Glasgow day in January. His thesis titled: “Extending Peptide Search Space and Self-Assembly Methods” was examined by Dr Antonia Mey, University of Edinburgh, and Dr David Palmer, University of Strathclyde. Alex used a mixture of molecular dynamics simulations and latterly, machine learning methods to explore the peptide […]

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Krystian Passes Viva!

Congratulations to krystian who successfully defended his thesis, titled “Elucidation of complex reaction mechanisms through the application of Density Functional Theory”. Krystian was examined by Dr. David Nelson (Strathclyde) and Prof. John Walton (St. Andrews). Krystian’s PhD defence follows a successful collaboration with the Murphy group in which Krystian was a valuable asset in ascertaining […]

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