ScotCHEM Computational Chemistry Conference 2016

The ScotCHEM computational chemistry conference was hosted by the University of Edinburgh on the 14th June 2016. The day started with the plenary speaker, Dr Paola Carbone from the University of Manchester, describing their efforts in modelling polymer aggregates.


Amongst the 11 speakers on the day were two members from the TuttleLab; Tomasz Piskorz gave a talk about his investigations into the self-assembly of functionalised alkanes on graphite and Katie Emery described her work in the mechanistic investigation of various cyclisations that involve radical intermediates.


Throughout the day a broad range of chemistry was presented through talks and poster formats, ranging from quantum mechanical analysis to protein dynamics.


After the brilliant work presented, Tomasz Piskorz, was awarded the best talk of the conference, and Gary Scott received an award for runner up for his poster presentation on designing short peptides for self-assembly.

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