Polaris Conference

At the end of June, Gary visited Portugal to represent the group as an invited young researcher at the 4th annual Polaris Conference in Portugal. A conference set up to display the advances in biomaterials for regenerative medicine. Gary presented his new emulsion forming technology, which is able to display various applications, including in the biomedical industry. It was a conference that drew in several key note speakers include Bing Xu from Brandeis University and Ehud Gazit from Tel Aviv University, both excellent speakers in the field of developing peptide based nanomaterials. It was an well organised conference which was full of interesting talks and many social events


The conference was topped off with a superb conference dinner held at the Paco des Duques with traditional Portuguese dancing in which all attendees showed off their impressive dance moves. All in all, it was and excellent conference, full of great speakers, good food and a lot of wine.


— written by Gary

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