International Meeting on Peptide & Protein based Materials and Technologies

The Nanopeptide 2015 International Meeting was held from the 2nd to the 4th March at the University of Strathclyde, more specifically in the most recent building Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC). It was a very interesting event on Materials science, soft matter physics, biophysics and chemistry through to biomedical applications of peptide & protein biomaterials. The keynote speaker was Prof. Sam Stupp (Northwestern University, Chicago), one of the pioneers and the most known names on peptide nanomaterials. Prof. Rein Ulijn, director of the nanoscience initiative of CUNY’s Advanced Science Research Center and professor at the Pure and Applied Chemistry of University of Strathclyde, was the conference chair. The full programme can be seen following the link.

Tell gave an invited talk at this event and the PhD students Inês Moreira, Iván Ramos-Sasselli and Daniel Cannon also attended the conference and presented posters with the titles:

Enzymatically Triggered Emulsifiers Based on Aromatic Dipeptide Amphiphiles (Ines)


Ines presenting at Nanopep '15

Ines presenting at Nanopep ’15

Modelling the Self-Assembly of Fmoc-Dipeptides (Ivan)

Ivan presenting at Nanopep '15

Ivan presenting at Nanopep ’15

Understanding the Binding Properties of a Gold Binding Peptide using non-equilibrium Molecular Dynamics (Dan)

Dan presenting at Nanopep '15

Dan presenting at Nanopep ’15

— written by Ines.

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