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Work on Organic Photovoltaics chosen as Inside Cover for Angewandte

Our latest work in collaboration with the Skabara group has been chosen as a frontispiece for the communications section in Angewandte Chemie International Edition. Read more about this work by following this link. X marks the spot! A fascinating packing motif is observed in a novel cruciform oligothiophene containing a Ge (violet; see picture) spiro center. […]

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Work on Molecular Interactions Graces the Cover of Chemical Science

Our latest work on the importance of CH-π interactions in governing the supramolecular structures that are formed by carbohydrate amphiphiles has been selected as the cover issue for Chemical Science. The cover plays on the arrangement of the C–H bonds to the π systems and spells out the interactions in jelly (the carbohydrate amphiphiles self-assemble into a […]

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Paper on Corroles selected as a VIP article.

The latest work from the lab on the electronic structure of iron corroles has been nominated as a “Very Important Paper” (VIP) by Chemistry – A European Journal. We’re proud of all of our projects and think they’re all worth while – but it’s nice to know that others agree sometimes as well. To read about the […]

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